MCPA "jumps" on the winners stage at Jump Dance Competition

  • Feb 7, 2020

Congratulations to all our MCPA dancers for their many successes at JumpDance! We love to see the students break out into different genres and demonstrate they are well-rounded dancers. After two very successful ballet events, MCPA students had a chance to compete against 100's of very talented dancers for Jump VIP spots.  MCPA teen dancers were awarded 5 of the 9 teen VIP winner spots from the class audition workshops and 2 of the 5 senior spots. The training our MCPA dancers go through was on full display in both ballet and jazz to earn these coveted positions.

While the focus for this weekend was really the classes and expanding our training, we could not go to an event like this and not perform a few of our pieces. Here are the results:

Solo Teen Overalls

10- Isabella, 9- Samiyah and 1- Maya

Solo Senior Overalls

4- Lerato

Overall Senior Group and Best of Jump Seniors: Mazurka taking 1st

Overall Teen Group and Best of Jump Teens: Last Ditch Effort taking 3rd

Teen Audition VIP Finalists and ALL VIP Winners: Emily, Samiyah, Isabella, Maya and Gabe

Senior VIP Finalists: Tehya, Lerato and Jordan

Senior VIP Winners: Tehya and Lerato

A big Jump weekend for MCPA in Pittsburgh